All Presidents of ANMIC South Tyrol


16.07.1969 to 12.03.1973
Sebastiano Lanteri (†)


13.03.1973 to 01.02.1983
Angelo Novello (†)


Ottone Nigro09.11.1983 to 09.11.2003
Cav. Ottone Nigro (†)


Norbert Kuntner11.11.2003 to 31.03.2006
Norbert Kuntner (†)


Karl Thaler01.04.2006 to 27.05.2014
Karl Thaler (†)


Sereno Sartor03.07.2014 to 14.07.2018
Sereno Sartor
From 2014 to 2018, Mr. Sartor was the 6th president of ANMIC South Tyrol. He is an invalid civilian, has been supporting our association since 2005 and has been a board member since 2011. Until his retirement, he worked as a responsible technician in the area of tunnel constructing in China, Algeria, Slovenia, and South Tyrol. During his term of office, he secured for example the free use of public transportation for people with an invalidity of at least 74%.


Thomas AichnerSince 14.07.2018
Prof. Dr. Thomas Aichner
Thomas Aichner has been the honorary president of ANMIC South Tyrol since July 2018, after having been a volunteer of our association for more than 15 years. He is a university professor in the field of business administration and conducts research on disability and inclusion, among other topics.


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15 January 2024

New membership card 2024



ANMIC South Tyrol Meets RGW

by admin

21 December 2023

Interview on civil invalidity and disability in South Tyrol


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