Board and Team

First of all, our association exists thanks to the more than 6,000 members from all over South Tyrol who support us through their membership and whose rights we protect day by day. The board and the honorary president as well as the auditors of the Association for Invalid Civilians (ANMIC South Tyrol) are all working free of charge for the objectives of our association, and therefore for the many South Tyrolean disabled and invalid civilians.


Thomas AichnerProf. Dr. Thomas Aichner
President of ANMIC South Tyrol
Thomas Aichner has been the honorary president of ANMIC South Tyrol since July 2018, after having been a volunteer of our association for more than 15 years. He is a university professor in the field of business administration and conducts research on disability and inclusion, among other topics.
Follow this link to find a list of all former presidents of ANMIC South Tyrol: All presidents.


Board members, elected on 14.07.2018 for a 7-year term

Thomas Aichner (President of ANMIC South Tyrol)
Margherita Pichler (Vice President of ANMIC South Tyrol)
Sereno Sartor (Vice President of ANMIC South Tyrol)
Thomas Andorfer
Fulvio Cappato
Daniela Flor
Nicola Gambetti
Frieda Hofer
Paul Passler
Alexander Planer
Manfred Psenner
Daniel Weger


Auditors, elected on 14.07.2018 for a 7-year term

Elmar Peer (Chairman of the auditors)
Manuel Danay (effective member)
Carla Troiani (effective member)
Maurizio Dallepiatte (substitute member)


Office Team

Lore Cvilak (Management)
Verena Kasslatter (Secretariat)
Marlene Trocker (Secretariat)
Verena Bonatta (Editorial Office)
Giulia Ferrarese (Projects)

In addition, several volunteers and interns support our activities.



Are you interested in volunteering for the South Tyrolean disabled and invalid civilians or to complete an internship with us?

Please get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


For Less Bureaucracy and Lower Costs


16 May 2023

Meeting with Councilor Marco Galateo



Free Accounting Course


21 April 2023

Registrations are possible until 17 May 2023


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