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The Association for Invalid Civilians (ANMIC South Tyrol) is a non-profit organisation (VFG/APS) recognised on both the national and regional level since 1965 and 1994, respectively. ANMIC South Tyrol is the only legally recognised advocacy for disabled and invalid civilians, and represents them when dealing with public offices and private companies with the goal to fully integrate the South Tyrolean disabled and invalid civilians into the social and professional life. With more than 6,000 members, ANMIC South Tyrol is the largest organisation that represents the interests of invalid civilians and people with disabilities in South Tyrol.

Day after day, we take on this important job and will continue fighting with determination for your rights.

The main support of our work is your membership. All recognised invalid civilians can become members of ANMIC South Tyrol and benefit from our free, professional consultancy. Non-invalids can be supportive members.


On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol there are applied special regulations in South Tyrol. Some Examples:

  • After a request of ANMIC South Tyrol, the state laws n. 118/1971, art. 12 and n. 153/1969, art. 26 are applied, meaning that any income from the first home is not taken into account for the calculation of the pension for invalid civilians.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, there is a new building ordinance for underground parking in place, that supports barrier-free mobility. All newly built parking decks and underground parking should have a ceiling height of at least 2.20 m from the entrance to the disabled parking spots.
  • ANMIC South Tyrol has requested clarification and verification regarding the payment of the family allowance. The crucial factor is that children who are of full age and who are unable to earn income for reasons of illness or disability, are entitled to the family allowance if the findings of the medical college show that the person has a civil invalidity of 100%.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, holders of the accompanying allowance who have transferred to the nursing allowance have been paid the matured 13th monthly instalment with the last instalment of the accompanying allowance since 2020. In addition, those persons who have not received a pro rata payment of the 13th monthly instalment within the last 5 years will receive it in 2020.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, all people with a recognised disability of at least 74% are entitled to the Südtirol/AltoAdige Pass Free which grants free use of public transportation in South Tyrol.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, the right to a workplace companion is also granted to those persons who have acquired a civil disability in the course of their professional life.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, civil disability pensions are paid much faster in case of loss of employment.
  • On the initiative of ANMIC South Tyrol, income subject to separate taxation (e.g., severance pay) is no longer counted as part of the total annual income.


Become a member and give us the strength to continue fighting for your rights in the future.


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