The person Ottone Nigro

Ottone Nigro was honoured with two gold medals for his work (from both FIAT and the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce), but even more noteworthy was his honour as “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Order of Merit for Labour), awarded to citizens who have demonstrated great merit in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and services.


Working career

President Nigro began his working career at the age of 17 at an industrial company in Bolzano, where he was employed for 40 years. While pursuing his professional activities, Ottone Nigro has always shown a propensity for the social aspect by representing people in different ways. He was involved with young students and gave them the chance to work in local companies during the summer, he was a member of the parish council of the S. Paolo Parish in Bolzano and for 16 years he served as vice-president of the Provincial Institute for Building Facilitation.


Presidency of ANMIC South Tyrol

In 1983 he was elected 3rd president of the Association of Invalid Civilians (ANMIC South Tyrol), where he was engaged until his death in 2003. President Ottone Nigro, thanks to his knowledge and his attitude in favour of invalid civilians, introduced great improvements during the 20 years he ran the association. He fought tirelessly for new rights and the retention of those already acquired. It can be said without a doubt that Ottone Nigro improved the lives of South Tyrolean invalid civilians for generations.


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